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Data centers are among the fastest growing elements of the information age.Loosely described, a data center is a large shell with a tightly controlled environment filled with interlinked computers. Collectively, the world’s data centers hold the servers that power the information cloud used billions of times a day by everything from cell phones to company computers to home security systems.The world’s centers are expected to serve more than 20 billion “connected devices” by 2025, up from an estimated 8 billion today. Already in 2016, the world’s data centers processed 7,744 tweets per second, along with 62,388 Google searches and more than 2.6 million emails. Internet traffic alone has surpassed 1 billion terabytes – enough to process about 5,000 times the words ever spoken by mankind.All of that data, of course, rides on electricity, and ABB is here to give it the road to travel on.

Source: Big data, big business – ABB Conversations